BREAKING: Suspension for entry of foreign workers to Taiwan has lifted

Taiwan (Feb. 7, 2022)- This is good news for all aspiring OFWs bound to Taiwan, because starting Feb. 15, 2022. The suspension for entry of foreign workers will be lifted.

According to Bulletin of Ministry of Labor, the 2nd stage of allowing entry of Migrant Workers will be open for Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Here are the guidelines from MOL:

1) All migrant workers have to be fully vaccinated and the certification has to be uploaded.
2) The point system being implemented during the 1st stage will now be abolished.
3) Post-arrival quarantine and self-health monitoring facilities will have to be arranged by the employers in coordination with the local government.
4) Pre-departure Covid-19 protocols of RT-PCR test and 1-person per room isolation before boarding for departure to Taiwan will still be implemented and will be the same as in the 1st stage implementation.

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