POEA advises and warns applicants about language training centers

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) warns Filipino applicants for overseas jobs to be cautious on language training centers. Some are taking advantage of the government to government program by POEA which the facility require passing language tests.

There are reports that if workers enroll to their training center, they guarantee to pass any language training course or any skill test to qualify. The thing is, POES does not credit or do not have any partnership to those kind of training centers.

A training center which is not credited by POEA or no license to operate is considered illegal and this agencies are not allowed to recruit Filipino workers for overseas. POEA advises to enroll only to courses and training centers registered to Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA).

If any encountered any illegal activities you may contact POEA Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch at 722-11-92 or at POEA Hotline numbers 722-11-44 or 722-11-55.

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