How to claim “Laobao” Maternity benefits at Taiwan Labor Insurance?

Are you a member of Taiwan Labor Insurance and having a baby then had given birth in the Philippines or in Taiwan? Well, do you know you can avail the maternity benefits or they call “ Laobao” even if you are in the Philippines and had resigned from work.

What are the requirements in claiming the maternity benefits?
    1. Must be insured or worked 10 months above in Taiwan
    2. Get pregnant during an insured period

  1. Filed within five (5) years from the day on which the benefits became payable
  2. If born in Taiwan, the original birth certificate must be submitted
  3. If born in the Philippines, NSO birth certificate of the child. Must be authenticated by DFA and translated in Chinese by Taiwan Economic Cultural Office (TECO) Manila.
  4. Copy of Passport, ARC and Bank book ( if applicable with chop/stamp or Inchang) then include bank swift code.
All documents will undergo verification and approval at Taiwan Bureau of Labor Insurance.
For more information, you may visit TECO Manila or any MECO branches in Taiwan.

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