What Are Taiwan Brokers And How Much You Pay Them?

Taiwan has a ‘Brokerage System’ which serves as middlemen to the companies and to the migrant worker. Local recruiters have to tie-up with Taiwanese brokers to give them the green light pool lists of applicants.

Migrant workers must pay the broker’s fee monthly as follows:
1st year working in Taiwan is NTD1800, 2nd year working in Taiwan is NTD1700 and the 3rd year working in Taiwan is NTD1500. These is about one fifth in total of your 3year salary. Apart from the brokers fee, migrant worker has to pay its health and labor insurance.

A lot of migrant workers groups in Taiwan has expressed their dismay over the fees collected by the brokers. Direct hiring is the main key here to remove the middlemen as it will become government to government hiring.

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