How To Impress A Taiwanese Employer During Interview?

Taiwanese employers are not too strict on their interviews, but before entering the interview stage one must pass the examination given.

To successfully pass the interview, you may follow the tips below:

1. Wear neat clothing
Depends on what position you are applyin for, most applicants for Taiwan are required to wear white T shirts, pants and shoes. Wear a clean white shirt or polo shirt, no print is always better. Do not wear rugged jeans and always have a clean and tidy pair of shoes.

2. Express yourself confidently
Speak properly, every Taiwanese interviewer has a translator. Your may speak for both Tagalog and English.

3. Detail Your Working Experience
The interviewer may know or not what are you doing in your past work.
Detail your work experience when asked, every single detail and this is where the interviewer will concentrate.

4. Simple personality and looks
Do not use large amount of make up on your face, simple blush on and light lipstick may do.
void wearing too much accessories like too much bracelets, earrings for men, big pendant on necklace.

5. Abbreviate some basic Mandarin
Learn some basic mandarin phrases. Greet the interviewer and end the conversation with a mandarin phrase. This will look that you are interested to work in their country.

And best of all, be yourself.

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