7 Qualifications That Matters When Applying A Job To Taiwan

Regardless of the position in a company, the employer, broker and recruitment agencies sets qualification on what is their ideal workforce. On this way, this is their best chance to land the right people for their needed position.

Agencies always look for the ff qualifications:

1. Age
Mostly the ideal age is 20yrs old up to 35yrs old, as this is the ideal age of a person which has still a good physically fit body.

2. Height and Weight
Every employer always look at this category since factory works needs height and proper weight to do the job accurately.

3. Educational Attainment
Position needed in a company needs a related educational attainment, although some accepts High School graduates and others needs to be a Vocational or College graduate.

4. Work Experience
Applicants with related work experience always have the advantage rather than those who don’t have, it is always a plus specially if you handle same operations as the company you are applying for.

5. Work Status
The status of being of a first timer applicant in Taiwan or an ex-Taiwan applicant. Some brokers prioritize the first time applicants for some reasons.

6. Tattoos
As the old saying, employers protect the image of the company by hiring employees with no visible tattoos.

7. Left-handed and Colorblind
Though not all, some companies are strict in terms being left-handed and colorblind.
Always read and understand the qualification sections of every job posting. Good luck to all Job Hunters in Taiwan.

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