Essential Facts Regarding Medical Examination and Fees

If you are selected as OFW to work abroad, one must take a medical examination which is compulsory. The applicant is the one to shoulder the examination, sometimes the employer is the one to pay the medical exam.
Medical examination procedure includes:
a. Blood test
b. Urinalysis
c. Fecalysis
d. Vital Test (Eyes, Ears, Nose)
e. Dental
f.  Psycology test
g. Physical test
h. X-ray
i. Vaccine

The medical fee differ from every clinic / hospital, the amount range from Php3,000 to Php10,000 for a single phase of complete medical examination. Pass or fail in the medical examination, you must pay the price and the medical certificate itself has separate amount to pay for.
Other employer or agency prefer two phase of medical exam, which were the Phase One Medical or the Pre-employment medical and the Phase Two which is the Post-employment medical.

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