How to file a case to cheating partners?

Is your wife or husband working abroad? How much do you know them that they are not cheating you? In abroad there are so many foreign workers working abroad engaged in an illegal relationship.
But have you know that your wife or husband can be sued for cheating even if he or she in abroad?
There are so many broken families in the Philippines because of the parents are working abroad. The husband or wife may be working abroad, so when one of them go abroad definitely they would be missing each other due to long distance relationship, maybe one of them may tend to do a sinful act. If husband or wife had worked abroad, they already forgot the responsibility they left in the country. They forgot their promises to their family when they were still with them.
The data of OFW Families destroyed because of working abroad is 70%. This is very high rate and this is the reality. Only 30% of the OFW came home to their families as intact.

What is the case to file?
CONCUBINAGE – This case is applicable to your husband if found out that he is cheating you. This case is only applicable to the legal wife. But if you are not legally married but with children, you can still apply the case.
ADULTERY– This case is applicable to your wife who had cheated you. Now if you are legally married then is the case you should file.

How to file the case?
1. Approach any DSWD Office nearest you. Apply the case first in this agency so that you will be protected by the FAMILY CODE or protection against women and children. Then after gathering of information, the DSWD will be sending a legal letter to the respondent. The respondent is only given one month to answer the complaint. After that, if no answer received from the respondent, the DSWD will waive the rights to issue a warrant of arrest against the respondents.
2. Approach the POEA for filing the case and Philippine Embassy for deportation of the respondents. At the Airport they will be directly brought to jail and face the consequences.
So this is the quickest solution for your husband or wife cheating abroad. I hope that this have help you much.

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