What are the benefits of an OWWA Member if been disabled or dismembered?

Disability and Dismemberment

A member is entitled to disability / dismemberment benefit of up to Php 100,000.00 for injuries sustained due to accident while working abroad.

What are the requirements?

Checklist of Requirements Where to Secure
OFW Membership Record (MR) OWWA RWO
Copy of Passport or Seaman’s Identification Record Book (SIRB) of the OFW – Member MARINA
Foreign Medical Certificate with English Translation OWWA- POLO
Medical Certificate (with indicated procedure of the medical examination / procedure of the doctor in Philippines) Competent medical practitioner from legitimate medical institution / facility
Accident Report and / or Master’s Report (for seafarer) Employer
One (1) copy of 1×1 picture OFW member
If claimant is not OFW, submit Authorization Letter with I.D. of OFW OFW’s authorized claimant
At least one (1) valid I.D. of authorized claimant OFW’s authorized claimant

How to avail the service?

  • Visit the OWWA Regional Welfare Office that covers the permanent address of the OFW.
  • Get priority number (ticket), please wait to be accommodated.
  • Present OFW I.D. or info to the Membership Verification Desk, based on status of membership obtain application form and checklist of requirements.
  • Submit accomplished claim form and required documents for validation / evaluation.
  • For approved applications, proceed to present claim stub and claim financial assistance through check or cash pay-out.

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