What is the essential benefits of Easy Card or Yoyo Card of Taiwan?

Hassles of bringing coins in your pocket? Do you want to have a convenient way of paying your rides, foods, etc with just one card? If you are an OFW in Taiwan, why not use the so called yoyo card or easy card?

What is an easy card?
EasyCard is a ‘touch-and-go’ IC ticketing system for the Taipei Metro, bus services, designated car parks, stores and government agencies. Just pass the card over the sensor area to make a transaction, avoiding hassles with finding correct change. A value can be added to the card at any time, there is no need to repeatedly purchasing new cards. An EasyCard can be used for years and its ultimate aim is to allow people to travel throughout Taiwan with only one card.

Where to buy an easy card?
– you can buy in all convenient store around Taiwan

How much is an easy card?
– Well, for only NT$100, you can have your owned a card

How to reload an easy card?
– It can be reloaded at all convenient  store around Taiwan

How much will I reload to an easy card?
-With a minimum of NT$100 and maximum of NT$10,000

What are the scope of the easy card?
Public Transport: 
-Taipei & Kaohsiung Metro (all lines)
-Bus services in Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung City, Taichung City, Yilan County, Matsu and Tainan City
-Available for all station between Suao-Keelung-Pingtung, including Mountain & Coast lines, Pixgin lines, Shenao line, Neiwan lines, Liujia lines, Jiji lines and Shalun lines.
*EasyCard can be used for all train services except tour trains, group trains, Taroko Express, Puyuma Express and other TRA designated trains (special and reserve seat services). EasyCard users enjoy a 10% discount on fares for traveling distance under 70 km.
-Taiwan High-Speed Rail (Non-Reserved)

Transport-related Services
-Government-run parking lots in Taipei City and New Taipei City
-Some privately-owned parking lots
-Maokong Gondola
-“Blue Highway” riverboat services
– Intercity bus services
-Bicycle rental
-Barrier Free Bus

Other Applications:  
-Government Fee
-Scenic Spot
-Designated stores

For inquiries may email:service@easycard.com.tw

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