Why Employers Choose Applicants With No Tattoo?

     Almost 70% of employers in Taiwan choose job applicants who have no tattoo in their body, although some are allowed with a given size of the tattoo or it must be at the covered part of the body.

Here are some reasons of employers why they are less likely to hire an applicant with tattoo:

1. Interference in medical diagnoses
There is a chance that you may come down with an unrelated medical condition that can cause you failure medical test in the Philippines or in Taiwan.

2. Offensive to others / Stigma
When you have a tattoo in visible part of your body, some see it as you are a member of gangster. Skulls, dragons, snakes etc can be offensive to others that can cause you in a world of trouble in Taiwan.

3. Company customers may frown on them
Distaste for the tattoos by the employers themselves but for the fear of how their customers would react in case strict audits are performed.

4. Dress code
The employer has a right to establish a dress code for its organization. Your employer can demand that you cover the tattoo while you’re working. Employers has every right to fire if you don’t follow the rules.

5. Some employers see it dirty
Others see tattoo as body arts, but not employers since its employee will wear the image of the company and its customers

Right or wrong, some people judge other people negatively for having tattoos. Not all employers of every companies do not hire applicants with tattoos. Some accepts it as long as the are getting the job done. It is not only in Taiwan but also in other regions, think twice before getting inked.

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