The Approved Amended Law Of Health Insurance For New Born Babies of Foreign Workers

National Health Insurance of Taiwan have passes the amendments, wherein the newborn babies of foreign workers who will be born in Taiwan must be a member of National Health Insurance upon birth.

The former act was, the newborn babies of foreign nationals who have been born in Taiwan can only be insured six months after birth. Same with the foreign national who are holding the resident visa or work contract can be insured after six months of stay. But now, right after birth, newborn babies of foreign workers are eligible for National Health Insurance.

The amendment was considered because of concerns that the health of infants of legal foreign residents could suffer without coverage under the national insurance plan during the six-month vacuum.

Who will be covered?

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) said the new law will cover newborn babies of both white collar and blue collar foreign residents in Taiwan as long as they have a legal resident certificate.

The newly amended law of article 9 will take effect as soon as it goes through the routine step of being officially announced by the Presidential Office.

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