8 Cycling Laws That OFW Always Disregard In Taiwan

Every OFW cyclist must know the law of Taiwan when it comes on riding bicycle. It is important for remaining safe and holding yourself above criticism while cycling the streets of Taiwan.

Below are 8 cycling laws out of many laws that an OFW always commit.

1. Riding bicycle on the side walk
It is illegal to ride your bicycle on a sidewalk or pedestrian crosswalk if there are no markings for a bike lane.

2. Riding bicycle in public parks without bike lanes. Cycling in public parks without bike lanes is prohibited.

3. Staying in of the fast lane.
Cyclists should keep as far right as possible to allow fast lane motorists to pass.

4. Using smartphone / cellphone while cycling.
Cycling while browsing facebook or playing Mobile Legends is dangerous and of course illegal.

5. Parking in not designated areas.
It is best to find a good parking area for bicycle, someone may use the scooter parking legally.

6. Riding bicycle without front and rear lights and reflectors. Cycling during night time is dangerous, bicycle without lights and reflectors is illegal and prohibited.

7. Turning left at major intersections.
Cyclists cannot directly turn left, someone must do two-stage turn and must wait until the light in the opposing direction turns green.

8. Drunk cycling.
The most common offense is drunk cycling which is considered a public risk. Being positive to the breathalyzer test can be arrested.

Every cyclist must not break the law. Although fine for each offense ranges from NT$300 to NT$20,000 and can be arrested, one must maintain discipline.

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