7 Job Positions If You Were Hired As Factory Worker in Taiwan

Taiwan is very well known for its big and wide companies of electronics, semiconductors and other technology companies. Although other industry sectors including foods, textile are also in the list.

If you made it and selected as a worker in Taiwan, here are the 7 possible spots you can earn as a factory worker in Taiwan:

1. Machine Operator / Production staff
The most common job for OFW either Male or Female in Taiwan is with the Production as a machine operator. Standing for long hours operating an machine needs a lot of endurance.Sometimes 1 machine per person, can go up to 50 machines operated by a single person.

2. Technician
Most male graduates enter as technicians or line sustaining maintenance. While other companies have operator at the same time technician position

3. Quality Inspector
Quality inspectors mostly are females examining products and inspects its quality. Spend most of the time using microscopes.

4. Support Engineer
Engineers or factory engineers likely supports the Taiwanese engineers. Some engineers also ending up as technicians / maintenance.

5. Encoder
Encoders records all data from the production line.

6. Programmer / Designer
The least likely are programmers but there are some because every company wants their programs to be handled by Taiwanese themselves to keep it as confidential.

7. Admin staff
Admins staffs works during the office time and the office works or a secretarial job.

Only the company itself will decide in which position you will end up. Above are only the main job positions, there are lot more in other industry sectors.

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