Need Help? Call 1955 for FREE in Taiwan

Do you know that we can call hotline 1955 for 24/7 for labor consultations and other complaints with regards to our working condition for FREE?

What is hotline 1955?
It provides information about hiring and consulting for foreign workers services and it is set up to serve foreign workers as well as the employers.

What are the 6 Major Services?
1. Consultation Service
– if you have any questions regarding your employment contract, salary, working hours, Occupational hazards, and Manpower agency service fee and related problems, just call and they will provide you with detailed consulting services.

2. Complaints Service
– If you have a labor dispute, suffer from unreasonable treatment or personal injury etc. Appeal the case and they will refer your complaint case to the local government Bureau of Labor or Judicial Police Investigation and deal with according to the law, in order to protect your rights.

3. Provide Legal Advice
– If you have any legal questions regarding labor disputes, they can provide information on legal assistance.

4. Referal to Temporary Shelter Service
– If you are involved in labor disputes, suffer from unreasonable treatment or personal injury. They will refer your needs to local government Bureau of Labor and provide a temporary shelter.

5. Instant Service on Air Translation
– During your work period in Taiwan, when you go to the hospital, go for public business, work or at your leisure time. They will immediately provide the translation service over the line.

6. Information Service about other relevant Government Department
– If you have the problem under the authority of the government agencies, such as Department of Health Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, National Immigration Agency or the Police. Then they will provide with their contact information.

What are the 3 Service Features?
1. 24/7 Service
– They provide 24/7 professional service not only on the daily basis but including during National Holidays or during midnight hours.

2. Bilingual Operator
– Their Operators not only speak Chinese but they also provide counseling services in English or Filipino, Thailand, Indonesian and  Vietnamese.

3. Free Hotline
– The service line is not for profit, so it doesn’t matter to call by using your cell phone, home phone or public phone. It’s free of charge! Just speak up.

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