Why Employers and Agencies Prefers First Time Applicants in Taiwan?

     Have you ever wondered why agencies love first time applicants? One good answer is recruitment agencies are usually one step ahead of first timers whichever country they will go. Below are some reasons why they like to hire first time applicants in abroad specifically Taiwan.
1. An Ex-Abroad applicant kill approaches as they want all of their requests and prayers to be granted.
2. Innocence in regards to recruitment consultants since first timers knew less on how every agencies work.
3. Fair agency commission is paid by first timer with lesser complain. First timers just pay so that they can go right away.

4. Capitalism on first timers makes applicants depend chiefly on the agencies decisions to undertake whichever task is given.
5. Agencies love first time contractors for sure because they are easy to handle.
Although not all employers and agencies want first timers in the company, they still find the best talent for their continuous production. There are still lot s of companies in Taiwan that needs applicants with working experience.

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