What Are The Common Questions In A Job Interview?

This is in response to our valued readers and followers,  who are asking what are the common questions in a job interview.
1. It is very important that during the interview just be yourself.
2. Be confident of your answers
3. Have an eye to eye contact with the interviewer
4. Avoid unnecessary movement during interview
5. Be polite when delivering or answering the questions
What are the common questions?
1. Why do you want to work in Taiwan?
Tell your reasons why to want to work in Taiwan
2. How did you know our company?
Do some research on the company you are applying for.
3. Do you have any relative working in our company?
– answer them honestly

4. Tell me about yourself?
 – tell them if who you are. Act as if you are selling yourself.
5. Can you work on a graveyard schedule?
– Yes, willing to work.
6. What is your advantage among other applicants?
think of your skills, job experiences, and educational background.
7. Why we should hire you?
– explain your extracurricular skills which others don’t have.
8. What are your weakness and strength?
Think of your weakness and how you will deal with to become your strength.
9. What can you contribute to our company?
 – Think of positive outcome that you can contribute to their company if they hired you.
10. Are you willing to work even without overtime?
11. Why did leave your present job?
Financial income is not enough for the future.
-to gain more knowledge and experience in your company.
This are just the common questions. You can add and think more of precise answers.
Lastly, always white T-shirt for males, and white blouse for girls during the job interview.

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