Fines and Penalties In Taiwan If A Migrant Workers Committed A Crime Or Violence Publicly

Do you know someone who gets insane when drunks and looking for trouble in public places? Maybe a lot of us will raise their hands.

Now, let us talk about the punishments and fines to all migrant workers that will be caught committing violence or crimes publicly.

1. Making noise in the middle of the night which causes someone to awake from deep sleep.

The Police can fine NT$6,000 to anybody who will be caught for creating loud noise in the middle of the night in public places.

2. Drinking in public places is strictly prohibited.
If a migrant worker is drunk and creating a public scandal, yawning and not listening to advises he or she will be fined NT$6,000.

3. Sexual abuse.
Sexual abuse is not about sex but also a violence. It happens not only to women but also in men. In the provision of article 221,222 and 223 of the Criminal law in Taiwan, a person shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than 3 years and not more 10 years for sexual intercourse by means of rape, coercion, intimidation, hypnotism or other means that violates his or her will.

4. The consequences of prostitution.
If a migrant worker violated the Social Order Act or prostitution he or she will be detained not more than 3 days and a fine not more than NT$30,000.

5. Mobilizing people to create a trouble.
Fighting that creates serious harm, regardless of the number of people involved in the crime, all will be repatriated and also be fined of the above-mentioned penalties.

Know your limit, know their laws and Know how to respect.

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