Procedures On How To Authenticate Your Documents Via DFA Red Ribbon

Procedures for Authentication or Red Ribbon:

1. Get application form from Windows of the DFA offices and fill up properly

2. Present a valid ID upon submission of the documents to the processing window
3. Pay the authentication fee (per document cost (Php100-300 depending on what type/s of document)
4. Return the copy of the receipt to the processing window
5. Claim the authenticated copy of the document on the release date stated upon presenting the machine-validated receipt at the releasing window
6. Remember to claim your documents personally
Authorized representatives are allowed provided that proper letter of request and special power of attorney from the applicant.
Give the representative a copy and the your valid ID with affixing three signatures on your letter.
All unclaimed authenticated documents will be disposed of by the DFA after three months.
Take note that other government offices offer the same service like the DFA red ribbon for document.

Most Commonly Red Ribboned Certificates
1. Birth Certificate
2. Marriage Contract
3. CENOMAR (certificate of non marriage)
4. Death certificate
5. College Diploma and Transcript of Records (Collegiate Level)
6. Secondary/Elementary Diploma and Form 137-A, Special Order
7. Diploma on Technical and Skills Development Courses
Others are Certificate of Muslim Tribal Affiliation, Police Clearance, NBI Clearance, LTO Certificate, Driver’s License, Professional License, Community Tax Certificate / Cedula, Barangay Certification/Mayor’s Certification, Voter’s ID/Certificate, Medical Certificate, Employment Certificates.

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