How to take the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)?

Are you plan to work abroad?
New applicants should take the pre-employment orientation seminar or PEOS.
It is a mandatory step that the government is requiring to OFW to be.
It is the online tool of the government in fighting illegal recruiters.
You can take the POEA Pre-employment Orientation Seminar Online for free.

Here are the step on taking PEOS online:

1. Go to and choose the training module which is:
-PEOS Online for Professionals and Skilled Workers
-PEOS Online for Domestic Workers

2. Register by filling out the form

3. Watch and read the modules properly as there are questions after each module.
Complete the 8 modules and must get three correct answers to proceed.

4. However, if you choose to take the PEOS Online for Domestic Workers, proceed to Part 2 after passing all 7 modules in Part 1.
Answer all questions after selecting your desired country.

5. After completing and passing all the modules, it will send you a certificate and you can now print it.

Take note of the certificate number as this is required when applying for a job abroad.

Always take note that this service is free online

For more info visit

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