What Are The Deductions From Your Monthly Salary In Taiwan?

There are several deductions on your salary when you are working in Taiwan. These deductions which falls under the funds and insurances are mandated by the law of the country.While the other fees are under the broker / agency.

Listed below are the fees to be deducted on your 1 month salary.
1. NT 100-230 Welfare Fund
2. NT 500-700 Health Insurance
3. NT 800 Labor Insurance
4. NT 1000-1500 Income Tax
5. NT 0-6000 Dormitory Fee / Meal Fee
6. NT 1800, 1700, 1500 – Broker’s Fee

Health insurance and income tax depends on your NET salary per month.
While broker’s fee are deducted as NT1,800 on 1st year, NT1,700 on 2nd year and NT1,500 on third year.
Dormitory Fee / Meal Fee will depend if it is free or payable within the given amount above.
Apart from the monthy deductions, there are still other payments mentioned below.
1. NT1000 per year for Alien Residemce Card (ARC)
2. NT900 – 2000 used for Medical (4times in 3yrs)
Lucky enough if the company offers its employees lots of overtime and bonuses.

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