What Are The Legal Consequences of Drugs In Taiwan

     A lot of OFW had been repatriated from the last several years up to present because of involvement in illegal drug activities. And Some are still detained in Taiwan jail.

1. What if a migrant worker is caught possessing a Marijuana or Amphetamines. If a migrant worker is caught smoking and using these illegal drugs, they are punishable by laws not less than 3 years. But if a migrant caught using second-class drugs, it is punishable by fixed-term imprisonment not less than 1 year but not more than 7 years and a fined not more than NT$1 million.

2. What if a migrant worker had been caught using heroin? This kind of drug is a first-class, so if someone caught, he or she will be punished by law not less than 3 years or penalty of approximately NT$50,000.

3. Bringing heroin to Taiwan.
This kind of punishment is maybe sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

Ka-Pinoy how will we avoid drugs as an OFW?
1. Maintain a normal life and rest.
2. Never try drugs out of curiosity.
3. Find other ways to fight stress and develop a good mood.
4. Do not rely on drugs to have a good mode or lose weight.
5. Stay away from complicated places.
6. Never accepts drinks and cigarettes from strangers.

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